School Bag Essentials for Kids & What You Need For The School Run

With only a few weeks to go do you know what you need to pack in the school bags?

Breastfeeding Support When It Doesn't Go To Plan

Fed is best. That is all that matters.

BBC World Service

Can you even imagine?!

Baby Led Weaning For Allergy Babies With Tips And Ideas

We've got all the tips for baby led weaning when your baby has an allergy today.

Preventing Travel Sickness In Toddlers For Long Car Journeys

Nobody wants to be cleaning up a sicky car seat in a lay-by so how do you stop car sickness in toddlers?

The Ikea Urban Toddler Chair For Easy Mealtimes

Are you ready to make the move from a highchair?

Family Pets - Do You Have One Or Admire From Afar?

Do you have a family pet or are you petless by choice?

The Best Clothing Basics For Babies & Toddlers

What Charlotte Buys On Repeat for Mabel (because if it ain't broke...)


Get this in your diary. You know you enjoy those bedtime stories as much as the kids!

A Pastel and Monochrome Nursery With Metallic Details

We've got the loveliest nursery tour for you today packed full of sweet details and the loveliest decor.

Coming up tomorrow we have the cutest little nursery full of fun decor and the loveliest products The Modern Nursery.

Childhood Asthma Signs, Symptoms & How To Treat

Do you know the signs & symptoms of childhood asthma? It might not always be the tell tale wheeze. Please come and share your own experiences.

The Magic Number - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Is there really a magic number when it comes to having kids?

A Homebirth Labour Story For A First Child | Rock My Family

Amy is sharing the story of her first home birth. I'm guessing the bedroom didn't look quite this serene then!

Cerebral Palsy | Diagnosis & Treatment Of The Condition

Reader Sarah is sharing the story of her daughter Amelie's diagnosis with Cerebral Palsy.

Ten Budget Baby Buys Under £10 - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Cute baby buys for under £10 you say? Oh and a chance to win this sweet little outfit. You're welcome.

Charlie Gard parents announce death of 'beautiful boy' - BBC News

So sad to hear the news on baby Charlie Gard. Our thoughts are with his family x

A Caesarean Section Birth Following Induced Labour

You don't want to miss the second part of Naomi's birth story.

Bedtime Routines for Adolescent Children

Do bedtime routines go out the window once summer holidays arrive?

Asda withdraws nappies from shops after baby 'left with blistered skin'

Asda have withdrawn their own brand nappies for newborns after a baby has suffered a severe chemical reaction. Please be aware if you or anyone you know uses these.

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing | What You Need To Know

Have you considered non invasive prenatal testing? If so we've got everything you need to know.

Imaginative Childrens Bedrooms In A Rental Property

We've got two gorgeous bedrooms for you today full of fun decor and magical hideaways.

The Telegraph

Sometimes even Princess Charlotte finds it all a bit much. Well handled by her mother we say.

Happy Fourth Birthday Prince George. Hope you have a day fun of love and laughter x

Big Family, Small House

When you have more kids than you have bedrooms they might just have to share, but that's half the fun.

Possibly The Most Perfect Summer Flats Ever

If you are looking for the perfect pair of summer flats, Charlotte may have found them.

Choosing Your Birth Partner - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Who would you choose to have at the birth with you?

Photos du journal

We wouldn't expect anything less from the first picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z's twins. Meet Sir and Rumi Carter.

Chickenpox jab offered on the High Street - BBC News

Would you head down to the high street to get your kids immunised against chicken pox?

Hip Dysplasia - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Reader Laura is sharing her experience of Hip Dysplasia and the treatment they have been receiving since her daughter was diagnosed.

Ten Tips For Hiding Pregnancy In Early Weeks | Rock My Family

Are you trying to disguise your exciting news during those early weeks? We've got some top tips to help you out.

Toddler Portion Sizes

Do you know how much your toddler should be eating? It may be less than you think. We've even made it easy with a handy pin.

Chicken Pox - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Do you know what to look out for with Chicken Pox and the best ways to treat it?

Always Be Kind - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

How do you teach your children to be kind when faced with hurtful remarks?

A Birthday Letter To My Daughter - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Wishing Lottie's little girl Alice a very happy 4th birthday xx

Baby Dove adverts criticised over breastfeeding stance - BBC News

How do you feel about the new Dove campaign?

Dove's new advert states "75% say breastfeeding in public is fine, 25% say put them away. What's your way?" and another "36% are for feeding him when he cries, 64% are passionately against it. What's your way?"

Wash. Iron. Repeat. - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Hands up if you also feel you are drowning in piles of washing and ironing?

Andy Murray and Kim Sears 'happy' to be expecting second child - BBC News

Congratulations to Andy Murray and Kim Sears who have announced they are expecting their second child. But first, wishing Andy all the best at Wimbledon this week.

Childs Farm

If your child suffers with eczema this may be worth a try.

Baby Changing Mats | Ten Best Buys For Newborns

We are sharing our favourite baby changing mats today. There may even be a few sale bargains.

Should parents pay to bin used nappies? - BBC News

Has your council introduced charges to dispose of nappies? What are your thoughts on the so called 'Nappy Tax'?

Contraception After Having A Baby - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Have you considered what contraception you will use after having a baby?

We’ve Been Carrying Car Seats The Wrong Way This Whole Time

Who knew?! A simple change in how you carry your baby car seat could make life a whole lot easier (and comfier!)

Deciding To Have A Christening - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Would you have your children Christened or have a naming ceremony? We are discussing the decisions behind this personal choice.

Little Green Fingers

Do your little one's love helping you in the garden? We've got some handy hints for getting them involved.

Photos de la publication de Rock My Family

If you are planning a children's party or a summer get together then you can now get 12% off Marks and Spencer party food and their fabulous cakes. Just use code FOODAF1.

But hurry, you only have until the 23rd June to place your order online.

T&C's apply.

Keeping Cool {When It’s Hot, Hot, Hot}

It's set to be another scorcher and we've got our top tips for keeping the little ones (and yourself!) cool when the temperature rises. Ice fan anyone?!

A Precipitate Labour and Unplanned Homebirth

Sometimes baby is going to arrive when they want to arrive....


If you are struggling with the heat during pregnancy NCT have some top tips for keeping cool.

A Kids Life